Hi! I'm Bailey

Bailey Booth is an animal lover, travel enthusiast, and avid reader. She drinks way too many soy lattes and will probably laugh at your jokes. She also likes long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners…oh wait. Wrong profile.

She missed her calling as a spy or a stunt person, so instead, she's telling stories where the animal and their person crack the case.

  • The Bird Found the Body

    It leaves you guessing whodunit and incorporates the right about of mystery, suspense, humor and a little dash of romance. I Love that this series incorporates birds as the main component in the plot and I hope that continues ( bird parents love having stories that they can relate with).--Breanna

  • Potluck and Poison

    Wouldn’t we all love to have a cat we could understand and share our thoughts and feelings? There are a surprising amount of characters with motive and chance to poison someone. Enjoyed this book so much that I immediately bought the rest! --Renee

  • Art Heists and Hairballs

    Persephone gives the same vibe as several of our cats do or did, and she even looks like some of them. And, someone putting their effort and money and every last ounce of energy into the critters at a no-kill shelter? Super big positive in my book. Already bought the second one. As well as signed up for the mailing list.--Scott